Mark J. Spoonamore, M.D.


Medication Refill Policy

A medication refill protocol for all patients has been implemented. The specific protocol is outlined below. All patients are requested to execute an acknowledgement that they have read the protocol and agree with its provisions.

All medication requests should be refilled 48 hours after the request has been received from the pharmacy. As a general rule, the original prescription should include a one-month supply of the medication.

All medications are to be taken as prescribed. If a patient takes medication in excess of what is prescribed and runs out of the medication early (prior to refill date), the refill will not be authorized early. If the patient has any questions or problems with the medication, he or she should be directed to the Nurse Practitioner.

Medications that require triplicate prescriptions are not issued by this office (i.e. Dilaudid, Percocet, etc.).

In general, if a patient is already being treated by a pain management physician, all medications will need to be managed by the patient’s existing pain management specialist.

Medication refill requests will be denied if requested prior to the expiration date of the original amount of the medication. If a patient is going on a vacation, business trip, etc., then an early renewal of the prescription may be authorized on a patient-by-patient basis.

Without advance written authorization from the doctor, a patient who has not been examined within the preceding 90 days and is requesting renewals of medication. These medication renewals will not be refilled.

In connection with certain medication, patients may be requested to have a blood test every three months to allow continued usage of some medications.

If a decision is made to deny a patient’s request for a telephone refill of a specific medication, the patient will be notified as soon as possible and given the basis upon which the requested refill will not be supplied.

Telephone calls for medication refills placed on clinic days, Mondays and Wednesdays may not be followed-up until Thursdays. Therefore, the patient needs to constantly monitor the amount of medications they have left and not wait until they are out of medication before calling for refills.

Medications are refilled Monday through Friday during business hours (8:00am – 5:00pm) only.

Medications are not refilled on evenings or weekends

It is preferable for a patient to contact their pharmacy and have the pharmacist leave a message by calling (323) 442-5304. Patients may also leave messages. Please leave the following information during your message.

  • Patient name
  • Patient phone number
  • Type of medication
  • Amount of medication
  • Last time the medication was refilled
  • Name and phone number of the pharmacy where medication is to be filled