Mark J. Spoonamore, M.D.


Before you Visit

Prior to the date of the initial office consultation visit, patients will typically be contacted by our office to verify the appointment time and date. Additional demographic and insurance information may be taken if it was not obtained at the time the appointment was made.

On the day of the appointment, patients should bring an identification card (driver’s license, etc.) and a valid, updated insurance card so the patient registration process can be completed. Patients will also be asked to sign a consent form for medical treatment and complete a patient questionnaire regarding current symptoms and medical/surgical history, prior to being seen and examined by the physician. These forms [Patient Forms] may be filled out in advance of the appointment so as to save time on the day of the office visit.

In order for your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment, it is important for the doctor to have all the necessary medical information, records, and imaging studies (x-rays, MRI, CT scans, etc) and reports. Therefore, it is imperative for patients to bring these items with them to their appointment so the doctor can review all of these at the time of the visit. If these medical records and films are not available at the time of the initial visit (and/or follow-up visits), the appointment may need to be rescheduled. These items can be returned to the patient immediately after the consultation, or can be kept in our files/film library depending on the preference of the patient. It is generally recommended that films and imaging studies remain in the spine center film library if the patient will continue treating at the Center, since these imaging studies will be reviewed again on subsequent office visits.

Items to Bring to the Office Consultation Visit

  1. Identification Card (Driver’s License, etc.)
  2. Current Insurance Card
  3. Pertinent Medical Records (Previous spine surgery operative notes, office notes, etc.)
  4. Spine x-rays, MRI, CT, bone scan imaging studies (actual films, not just reports)
  5. Spine x-rays/imaging reports and/or laboratory test results, such as EMG/NCV nerve conduction tests, etc.
  6. Any neck or back brace, corset, or support prescribed for use.

During Your Visit

The USC Spine Center is a located at 1450 San Pablo Street, Suite 5400, Los Angeles, CA 90033 [map / directions]. It is conveniently located adjacent to Keck USC Hospital.

Patients may choose to valet park directly in front of the Keck USC Hospital, or self-park in the HCC 4 building.

Upon arrival at the USC Spine Center, a patient’s demographic and insurance information will be verified. Once registration is completed, patients will be called back to the first available examination room.

After patients are called to an examination room, they will be prepared for the examination. All new and pre-operative patients will be asked to change into a gown for the physician to perform a physical evaluation.

Once these preparations are complete, a member of the Center’s team will review a patient’s medical history and records and perform a physical examination. Team members may include a nurse practitioner or orthopaedic resident physician. Once this information is gathered, it will be presented to the attending physician. Dr. Spoonamore will then visit with the patient to discuss the medical history, review medical records and imaging studies, and perform a physical examination.

After the review of records and examination are complete, each patient will receive an explanation of diagnosis and recommendations for ongoing care, which may include non-operative and operative treatments. Additional diagnostic testing (MRI, CT, etc.) may be ordered before final recommendations can be made. At the completion of the visit, a staff member will provide instructions for follow up procedures or appointments and follow up on any questions or concerns.

An initial visit will most likely take at least two hours. The complexity of patients’ needs or emergency situations may require longer patient appointments or waiting time. The Spine Center Staff apologize in advance for any delays or inconveniences these changes may cause in a scheduled patient .s appointment time or duration.

If additional x-rays or tests (MRI, CT, etc) are ordered, these tests can frequently be ordered and completed during the patient’s initial visit. If you feel additional tests (such as a new MRI) may be needed prior to the visit, please discuss this at the time the appointment is made so these tests can be scheduled in advance and obtained the same day of the consultation if you wish.